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Saisystems International began in 1987 as Sai Systems Laboratories, serving as a mail-order house for personal computers and a hardware systems testing laboratory. In 1993, company management began the transition to Sai Systems International, which had an increased focus on technology consulting services. Sai Softek followed just five years later as our first offshore development company based in Pune, India. Since then, the technology division of Saisystems International has grown to solutions with global delivery capabilities, providing a broad range of services that drive our clients to automate, integrate, modernize, and streamline operations. Our core technology competencies include application development and maintenance, database development, business intelligence, and IT consulting services. Our software design and delivery processes are mature and certified by SEI CMM at Level 3.

A change in direction prompted the creation of Saicle One Solutions in 2009, adding revenue cycle management to our extensive list of specialties. After much success, company management made the official move to health care services with the 2014 launch of subsidiary, Caris Health. The growing company focused on reducing costs, improving care outcomes for patients and increasing reimbursement for clients. Innovative custom solutions were developed for chronic care and oncology management, as well as revenue cycle management. We began to redefine best practices in care and operations through our technology products and solutions, including one of the first pilot care management programs in the United States.

A new company image was introduced in October 2017 through the creation of the Saisystems International, Health and Technology businesses. Tying our many specialties to the Saisystems International name not only consolidated our proven, award-winning programs, but also provided the opportunity to recreate ourselves for the first time in more than twenty years. With this change, we stepped confidently toward the future of technology and health solutions.

Saisystems continuously evolves and in March 2020 Saisystems Digital was launched to guide our clients throughout their digital transformation journey and help them uncover new values in their operating and business models through use of digital technologies and platforms.

Today, we are a full-service technology and health company dedicated to making your business systems operate smoothly. Saisystems International remains a customer-focused, service-oriented and socially responsible organization. Our experienced leadership continually proves to be a champion for our clients through in-depth, consultative approaches. By designing solutions around client needs, we have been able to create strong partnerships and alliances which have stood the test of time.

Explore our businesses today, and experience the quality and integrity we have been providing for more than three decades.