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Corporate Giving




Saisystems International has always focused on doing well for our customers through our mission and vision. However, these ideas are internal, and we believe producing people who think with their hearts outside our company scope is better for the community and makes the world a better place.

So, we donate 25% of our annual profit to charitable causes.

These acts of giving are not a corporate social responsibility, but rather show who we are as a business—giving has become second nature to unite ourselves with the community.

From long term to short term projects, Saisystems International has funded initiatives in education, hunger, clean water, healthcare, and more. By funding things most may take for granted, Saisystems provides necessities to produce better future leaders around the world. We also ensure delivery of lessons and time, not just money. Showing our support through non-monetary actions demonstrates our commitment to go the extra mile and provide a personal, humanized level of impact.

We are constantly exploring new avenues of giving in the places we do business and any causes that come our way are thoroughly considered for funding.

In the words of company CEO, Dr. Ramesh Wadhwani, we give towards programs, not salaries, “so that tomorrow can take care of itself.”


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