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Over the last decade, technology has rapidly evolved, making solutions available on new diverse platforms. In addition, factors like changing government regulations and policies around risk and security, globalization, mobility, new customer and business demands and the need to collaborate with internal and external entities has created a challenge for software and application quality assurance and testing processes. Today, testing and quality assurance (QA) service providers are not only looking to optimize efforts and costs but develop robust processes and frameworks that can easily and quickly adapt to changing and rapidly evolving business requirements and goals.

In the traditional model, QA and testing teams were typically engaged later, usually during the middle of design or during the development and testing phase of the project development lifecycle. In most cases it was done by the developers on the project. In this approach, the actual value of QA and testing efforts were not realized as it was already too late in the lifecycle to share findings and recommend changes to the developers. This resulted in rework and higher costs. The Sai Systems model encourages engaging the testing team early in the project to establish and influence positive outcomes and metrics.

Our team of qualified and experienced testers have a thorough understanding of the business process that the application would support, which in turn enables them to detect critical process defects and test it with an end-user’s perspective Leveraging industry grade tools and metrics, libraries of test cases and scripts, we are able to establish development standards and guidelines to reduce rework efforts due to poor quality. We measure it project by project and provide continuous improvement to testing lifecycle processes.


Functional Testing

  • End to End Testing
    From test requirements to test script development to test execution, with metrics and reporting.
  • Functionality Testing
    Featuring validation of an entire function or component.
  • System Integration Testing
    Functionality performance testing in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing and interaction with external systems, as applicable.
  • User Acceptance Testing
    Ensure that the application meets end-user functional requirements.
  • Regression Testing
    Correction of product defects for each new release and ensuring that no new quality problems are introduced.
  • Quality and test metrics at the end of each test cycle or quality check gate.

Test Automation

  • Product or tool evaluation and recommendation
  • Feasibility and Analysis
  • Automation of Custom Framework Architecture and Design services
  • Platform agnostic processes and workflows
  • Test Script development and Maintenance

Performance Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Capacity Planning and Volume Testing
  • Code Reviews and Optimization

Regression Testing

  • Detailed Traceability Matrix
  • Test case analysis and dependency checks
  • Impact analysis
  • Release specific regression test
  • Change control